Hugh Laurie

Mr. Palmer

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His low keyed playing of Mr. Palmer, the long suffering husband of Charlotte Palmer in this film made me laugh so hard.  It was just a fleeting role but I remembered it and wanted to see more of this actor.


Hugh Laurie is so talented and just plain amazing in every respect.

House MD.. is my very very favorite TV show of all time.  I just can’t get enough of it.  I am absolutely in love with House.  Why do we love House (ladies?) because he’s pretty much damaged goods and unmendable, is that a word? 

I think I probably enjoy some of his movies just as much.  I think “The Girl from Rio” is very sweet.  I think the Flight of the Phoenix was pretty darn good too.  I wish he had a bigger role because he is so talented oh…woops, rambling again.

Yeah, I think Hugh Laurie is a terrific actor (but maybe we should move on from that topic.  Well.......... At least I’ll give it a try and tell you about my Hugh Laurie portraits.

Anyhow, he’s  just a treat to watch.  He says he’s difficult and demanding (of his own work) Always the perfectionist I suppose.  Well.......... let me tell you, he is perfection!

I got some very good critiques on these drawings from my fans on eBay.  Everyone was so supportive and sent back little notes after they received the prints telling me how good they were and how they didn’t expect to look like a real painting.  It’s photo art on heavy watercolor paper so it is not like a photo at all.  It has a wonderful texture and is quite heavy. Super people to tell me they like my photo art.

I’ve enjoyed drawing Hugh Laurie so much and would like some feedback from all you people about my drawings.  Oh, and did I say you can buy these paintings? 

I remember the first time I saw House.  I was hooked in about 10 minutes.  I kept saying, “who is this guys then read some bio’s on him and found to my surprise that I’d seen him in many movies.  I did some research and bought some other movies he has done, such as “Maybe Baby” but I didn’t like that one as much as “The girl from Rio”, that’s for sure

Well..... ha ha.  if you’ve gotten this far in my diatribe then cheers to you.  Have a great new season of House, M.D. and enjoy my drawings of Hugh Laurie.