Hugh Laurie

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Doesn’t he look happy in this picture?  In fact they all seem to be having a good laugh about something.

Hugh, Jo and Stephen Fry just off their motorbikes laughing and chatting as they stroll down the street.

Hugh Laurie Jo Green pictures with his best pal Stephen Frye

What a treat it must be to be in their circle of friends. What great chats they must have about comedy and the movie industry in general.

I saw a movie once with Stephen Fry in it. I think it was called “Peter’s Friends” and have been wanting to purchase it but can’t find it. I wonder if it has gone out of print. I certainly hope not. Because it was a very good movie and one that Hugh was in.

Jo Green is a fortunate woman to be in love for so long especially with the demands of celebrity and life in the public eye.



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